The Power of Mudras and my Logo

Has anyone of you ever heard about Mudras?

No worries, here a very quick explanation of it. Simple as, this word refers to the position of your hands and fingers that you can hold during a yoga pose or during a meditation practice.

Each of them is a powerful tool to be used to channel your body's energy flow, so to improve your general physical and emotional health. First of all of them, I would like you to talk about the hand gesture that my Logo represents :)

How many of you has thought that my logo looks like the Rockstar hand position when they are yelling on the stage?! Yes, I can be that kind of a yoga teacher with a certain “attitude” :p but, it actually has a more deepen meaning that I would like you to explain better with this post.

What you see in my logo, is the Apan Mudra, which is known as the purification mudra to help the body to get rid of the toxins by stimulating the digestive system. You heard right! it helps to control the regular elimination of feces, farts and urine, but also helps to remove any negative blockage around the Muladhara (Root) Chakra and the Svadhisthana (Sacral) Chakra.

It is so important to let the correct energy flow around these chakras, since they are responsible of our sense of feeling grounded (the basis of Existence) and where our Being is established.

In the Apana Mudra we bring the thumb, middle finger and ring finger together. The thumb represents the Fire element, the middle finger the Space one and the ring finger is linked to the Earth element. The final result of this gesture is to rebalancing all these elements together if and when it is necessary.

Hope that with this short information, you will be more curious in knowing more about other symbolic or ritual gesture to apply in your practice.

With Love,


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