Class Schedule

10.30 Vinyasa Flow 

Zoom online Live class


17.30 Core Strength Flow

at Tiqets Headquarter



11.30 Gentle Flow 

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18.30 Vinyasa Flow 

Zoom online Live class


Classes Description

CORE STRENGTH FLOW: core-focused alignment to build strength not only through the belly but also waist, gluteus and back. This power class will help you to gain balance, improve range of motion and bring you to poses like headstand with ease and control

VINYASA FLOW: each class will be focused to open different part of the body with a quite dynamic flow but also giving the time to settle in the asana (pose), so to bring the awareness on how the body respond. Very good to build up flexibility and mobility in the joints and muscles.

GENTLE FLOW:  slow flow of movements with the aim to find relief from physical and mental tension. With the result of serene and recharged feelings and flexibility improvements.