About me

My name is Flaminia, fitness instructor and yoga teacher based in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. My relationship with the "movement" community started at the age of 9 when I got introduced to Field Hockey. It was love at first training and from that moment on, I knew that this sport would have been present all along my life and so far, it is so. 

I had the chance to play in First Division and National Team since the age of 14. It was such a good reward and life teaching in terms of not to give up easily, believe in myself even if mistakes can happen, react positively to them and all of this, led me to be prized as best player in the 6 European Nations Tournament and a year after in the Italian Championship as well.

Very often we hear the expression: "mind must be trained just like your body"….well, I totally agree! For this reason I decided to fly to Australia and study for 2 years and 8 months in the Sports and Fitness School to become a Sports Trainer. This studying path was precious, i’ve learnt a lot about Anatomy, Physiology, Body Mechanics and how to find remedies to physical pains but for me, it wasn’t enough. The mind aspect was very intriguing and my devotion in teaching how to move in a holistic way, was so strong that, I decided to come back to Europe, in Spain, and become a Yoga Teacher at The Yoga Bubble School  (https://www.theyogabubble.com) in Conil. My life took another twist with even more enthusiasm, I moved to Amsterdam and decided to create my own business Third Eye Yoga and Fitness. My main goal is to spread positive thinking through a healthy mind and awareness in movements.